Steel Operations And Maintenance Buildings For Wind Farms


Drive along many major highways in the Texas Panhandle and you are bound to come across wind farms. Hundreds of white turbines tower over the plains, constantly moving from the West Texas winds. Over the past decade, the wind industry has become a part of the landscape here. And, because a wind farm doesn’t simply run itself, it has created many jobs. Many of these workers do their jobs daily out in the middle of nowhere, on the wind farm. These professionals need a shelter to do their work and naturally, that shelter is often a steel building. 

Steel buildings provide the perfect option for Operations and Maintenance (O & M) buildings. These buildings are a shelter and a workspace for the people working out on the wind farm. O & M buildings give the personnel working on the wind farm environmentally controlled conditions. Normally an O & M building will contain 2,000-4,000 square feet of office space where professionals can perform the administrative tasks of operating a wind farm. 

The rest of the space of an Operations and Maintenance building is dedicated to warehouse storage and equipment maintenance areas. There, equipment and parts necessary to the wind turbines can be stored and equipment can be repaired as needed. 

Steel, with its strength and durability, can provide wind farms with an O & M building for many years into the future. Even a West Texas tornado has trouble knocking over a steel building. With nothing else to protect the building out on the plains, it is vital that the building material is strong and lasting so wind farm operations can remain running smoothly. An organic material like wood would not be suitable for wind farms because over time it will rot, age, and warp from the high winds. This will not happen to steel. Also, additions can easily be made to steel buildings in case the wind farm grows and the building needs to provide shelter for more and more people. 

Steel buildings and wind farms also work well together because they are both sustainable and environmentally friendly. Steel is 100% recyclable, which means it can be used over and over again without losing its strength. And wind energy is an ongoing, sustainable form of energy, unlike fossil fuels, which could eventually run out. For anyone that lives on the plains of West Texas, you know that nothing could stop the high winds. Having a lasting steel building on site will allow a wind farm to harness that power for many years.

At Panhandle Steel Buildings, we have many years of experience in the wind industry and many projects under our belt. We have done work for Pantex in Amarillo, TX , Blattner Energy in Groom, TX, and Spinning Spur Wind Farms in Adrian, TX, along with several other jobs.