Steel Buildings Can Take Many Forms


When people hear the words steel building, ideas that come to mind might be ugly, industrial, cold, dark, etc. They may think of factories, farm sheds, industrial buildings, and storage facilities. These types of buildings aren’t exactly known for their style and architectural beauty. However, the term “steel building” is a bit of a misnomer and it doesn’t do justice to some of the beautiful, modern structures that are made of steel.

In fact, steel framed buildings can be covered by virtually any facade. You can have the style you want with the strength and durability that only steel provides. Business owners who are looking to create a commercial building know the importance of having a professional facade that matches the business. It is sometimes the first impression that a potential customer has and it’s this curb appeal that will lure customers inside. Even buildings for churches need to have a modern exterior in order to attract new members.

Here are a few of the options to consider when choosing a facade for a metal building:

Brick has been a popular choice to cover steel framed buildings for a number of years. It gives buildings an old-fashioned charm and it adds an extra layer of durability. According to Whirlwind Steel, brick veneers over steel studs have been rising in popularity since the 1960s and has since become a conventional design choice. It works well for commercial steel buildings as well as steel framed homes.

Metal Panels work well for buildings that need the most durability and strength and where style and design is less of a concern. Metal panels are great for factories, operations and maintenance buildings on wind farms and oil fields, farms, and other industrial buildings. Metal trim and metal panels are also extremely cost efficient and energy efficient.

Stucco is popular in steel framed buildings that are built to exist as commercial spaces such as gas stations, retail stores, restaurants, and office buildings. You will notice that many of the retail spaces being built here in Amarillo, TX have stucco exteriors. In fact, some cities require that buildings in these retail areas don’t look like they have a metal exterior. They want the buildings to blend in together and look coordinated. Stucco comes in an endless array of colors so building owners will be able to choose what they like best.

Natural Stone and Rock gives buildings the ultimate in style and it is extremely versatile. Depending on the stone being used, a building could look rusticated and traditional, simple and modern, woodsy and earthy, and just about any other adjective you can think of. A steel frame creates the perfect base for a stone facade.

Other materials used in facades are glass, concrete, aluminum, and more. The possibilities are endless. Of course, all of these facades can be mixed and matched in order to create the perfect style for whatever type of building you need.