Panhandle Steel In Amarillo, TX Can Build Many Types Of Steel Buildings


After nearly 65 years in the business of building steel structures all over West Texas, we have gained experience with almost any type of steel building project imaginable. As our website states, “Panhandle Steel Buildings possesses the competencies, the experiences, the methodologies and the relationships to partner with the owner to undertake construction projects of almost any size, any scope, any depth and any breadth.” 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what we can do at Panhandle Steel Buildings but hopefully this list will give prospective customers an idea of just how wide our experience is. 


As we have written in an extensive blog, steel is the perfect choice for church buildings. Its strength and its ability to be morphed into many different creative architectural designs makes it an attractive option. Church sanctuaries need to be quite broad without a lot of columns blocking the view of the altar and the pastor. Fortunately, steel buildings can be built column-free while maintaining the strength that steel is known for. 

The welcome and foyer area for Pathpoint Fellowship Church in Amarillo, TX. 

The exterior for Pathpoint Fellowship Church. 

Retail and Office Spaces

Stores, gas stations, office spaces, car dealerships, coffee shops, restaurants, veterinary clinics…should we go on? That is just a short list of the types of spaces that we have built or remodeled out of steel in recent years. Here are a few pictures of some of our recent work: 

Starbucks Coffee located in the student center on the campus of West Texas A&M University in Canyon, TX. 

Bookstore located in the student center of West Texas A&M University. 

Showroom for Brown Subaru in Amarillo, TX. 


Like churches, gyms need to be long, wide, and completely free of columns. A steel building works great for this. Steel buildings can be built with long-span steel beams that reach across large spaces with no support. We have completed projects like this for the YMCA here in Amarillo and for West Texas A&M University’s activities center. 

We remodeled the gym in the Activities Center for West Texas A&M University in Canyon, TX. 

Operations and Maintenance Buildings

Buildings made for the oil industry, wind industry, food processing industry, and for other industrial purposes are particularly popular in West Texas. Buildings like these aren’t necessarily made for their design and style, but they are made for their durability and longevity. The buildings need to last 40-50 years and they do. They provide spaces for office workers, shelter for equipment, and space for machines to be repaired. 

Operations building for Plains Dairy in Amarillo, Texas.