How You Can Tell If Your Metal Building Company Is Trustworthy

Creating a metal building will be quite the investment for any individual or business. That’s why it is vital that before proceeding with a project, you are 100% confident that the steel building company of your choosing is trustworthy and experienced. The relationship between a building owner and a steel building company is not to be entered into lightly. Weigh your options and ask yourself these questions before hiring a metal building company to ensure that the company you choose is trustworthy:

How long have they been in business? A good indication of the trustworthiness of a business lies in how old they are. Bad businesses usually don’t stay operating for long and exceptional businesses can stay alive and well for many years. However, this isn’t to say that younger companies are worthless but it is one point to consider. 

Have they completed jobs similar to yours in the past? You can definitely trust a steel building company if they have a proven track record of completed buildings that have a similar purpose to yours. If they have done good work in the past, it is likely that they will do good work for you. At Panhandle Steel here in Amarillo, TX we have completed a wide variety of projects: gas stations, operations and maintenance buildings for wind farms and oil fields, churches, health clinics, gyms, retail spaces, and more. There’s nothing we can’t do. 

What do other businesses that have worked with them think about the company? Often, construction projects utilize many different subcontractors such as masons, plumbers, roofers, painters, etc. So a steel building company is bound to have worked with many other businesses in the local construction industry. Those subcontractors may have amazing things to say about the steel building company, or their reviews may be less than stellar. It’s important to get a list of subcontractors that have worked with your prospective steel company, call them up, and get an honest review. 

What is their customer service like? If you call the company or visit their location and you are immediately taken care of, take it as a good sign. Conversely, if your phone calls and visits go ignored and you feel like you’re being given the run-around, find a different steel building company to give your money to. It’s too much of an investment to deal with poor customer service. If they are treating you badly even before they have your money, imagine what it will be like after you have already given them what they want. Customer service is never something to sacrifice. 

What do past customers think of their work? A trustworthy steel building company shouldn’t be afraid to hand you a list of past customers that you can call to get a candid review from. Be sure to take the time to call these people because often, they will be your best indication of whether or not you should do business with a particular company. At Panhandle Steel, we are so sure that you will hear good things from our past customers that we put their phone numbers right on our website next to their project. 

Our business thrives on being honest, dependable, and top-notch. We place a high value on repeat business and our word of mouth reputation.