How Steel Buildings Can Save You Money


We know that steel buildings are durable, strong, and good for environment but did you know that building with steel is also good for a building owner’s wallet? Surprisingly, steel buildings have the potential to save you thousands of dollars when compared to other building materials like wood, brick, and concrete. For commercial and public buildings like churches, retail stores, gas stations, and oil and wind industry outbuildings, you know that money matters. Choosing a steel framed structure for these types of projects will help you save money before, during, after construction. 

Labor costs will be lower compared to other building materials. Steel buildings are relatively fast to erect compared to buildings made with other materials. For buildings made of stone and brick, highly trained (and expensive) stonemasons are required, whereas with steel, many of the pieces are pre-engineered and simply have to be bolted together at the job site. This can be done quickly, therefore saving you money on labor costs. 

You will save with lower insurance premiums. Because of its durability and high life expectancy, insurance companies will give you lower insurance premiums than you would have for a wood building.  

Fast construction times save money in other ways. In addition to lower labor costs, fast construction times will allow other professionals to get to work sooner, therefore shortening the overall construction time. This means less money spent on loan interest. It also means the building can be occupied sooner, and if it’s a business, it can start making a return on the investment more quickly. 

The building will last longer. Steel buildings last much longer than buildings made of wood. This means that the building will be standing for 30-50 years. Also, long span metal buildings are easily and inexpensively adaptable to changing times. If, 15 years from now, something needs to change, it can be done without much hassle. 
Say goodbye to costly and constant maintenance and repairs. Because of its durability and its other properties, steel is resistant to mold, warping, rotting, and shrinking. Unlike wood, it will never be eaten by termites. Steel is an inorganic material, so it is free from defects and anomalies. Steel is highly resistant to accidental damage such as a tornado and if any damage does occur, it can easily be fixed and remain at its original strength.